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Who is a Sports Bully – Parents

Who is a Sports Bully – Parents

Parents need to think about the example they are setting to their child and families. Pushy parents are becoming a growing problem, and they can unwittingly produce behaviours which constitute bullying. With some parent abusing their own and even other parent’s kids the team manager(s), coaches or other parents need to look for these abusive parent blowing things out of proportion. Their outright abuse, screaming and showing excessive disappointment when things are going wrong should not be tolerated. Too much pressure from the parents is provoking many kids to say enough is enough.

Parental bullying can be seen during a game or practice when the player’s parents will start screaming insults and threats at our coaches because they disagree with some decision, as well as verbally abusing the referee(s) if they do not agree with a call. This bullying behaviour only teaches our children about losing control, behaving abusively and being outright rude to a stranger. Parents may be pushing their son or daughter very hard and making unreasonable demands. Parents need to know that they can be guilty of bullying too and that constructive criticism about the effort they put in is acceptable but personal negative comments are not and neither is punishment for an off day.

Some parents take the game more seriously than they should, shouting vociferous encouragement from the side, displaying excessive disappointment at the missed goal and of course outright abuse or invasion of the pitch should never be tolerated and neither should abuse between rival team parents in the heat of the game.

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