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Characteristics of a Homophobic Bully

Characteristics of a Homophobic Bully

Both sexes can be involved in homophobic name-calling. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that boys are most likely to be victimized by other boys. The bullying, especially if it is physical or verbally aggressive, is often deliberate but sometimes bullies may not realize the harm that they are doing. They may believe that their victim enjoys their “jokes”, or that the label they have attached to him is simply a nickname. Some very young children indulge in homophobic bullying. Homophobic bullies can be anyone and are often person(s) who:

Think that being LGBTQ is wrong or immoral and don’t see their behaviour as bullying

Hold traditional gender stereotypes and think that “girls should act like girls” and “boys should act like boys”

Perceive LGBTQ people and their children as not worthy of the same rights and privileges as other members of society

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