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Causes of Bullying

Causes of Bullying

There are a number of different factors have been identified which contribute to act of bullying and the problems that transpire from this ongoing form of local terrorism. Some of these factors are seen within and because of the family, individual(s) and school.

Some of the many reasons behind why bullies showcase this violent behaviour are:

  • Abuse is all they see at home, a learned behaviour from their parents
  • Availability of weapons like knives or guns in an illegal way
  • Depression or any type of anxiety and stress
  • Lack of affection, love and support from the teachers and parents
  • Lack of psychiatrists and counsellors to guide the child in the school
  • Media, films and T V shows showing violence
  • No counselling
  • No guidance and assistance in their difficult times
  • Parents arguing or fighting in front of the child and show violent behaviour at home
  • Parents using abusive language, bad words in front of the kid
  • Purchase of weapons illegally is very easy nowadays
  • Schools do not give much importance to these issues
  • School guards fail to check the bags, and lockers of the students
  • Teachers fail to pay attention towards the students

Bullying also hurts the bystanders, as well as the person who bullies others. Bystanders are afraid they could be the next victim. Even if they feel badly for the person being bullied, they avoid getting involved in order to protect themselves or because they aren’t sure what to do.

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