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Types of Husband Abuse

Types of Husband Abuse

Verbally Abuse – can create just as much damage as physical abuse. Even if it does not take the form of yelling, verbal abuse can occur when a partner mutters spiteful or uncharitable comments to his partner. This form of abuse is intended to decrease a man’s sense of self-worth.

Physical Abuse – is a common trait of the abuser. Beatings are common with an abused spouse although the attacks are delivered with targeted cruelty and rage so as not to leave any noticeable marks. Such an abuser is cold hearted and calculating and very, very dangerous. That is why it is extremely unsafe to stay with an abusive spouse since the potential for serious harm is just too great. A physically abusive relationship often begins with a “one-time” slap, kick or punch during a fight or argument, followed by the promise that “it will never happen again”, but it happens again the next time the couple has a fight. While it is true that most physical assaults caused by women tend to be less severe when compared to a man’s physical assault on a woman with his fist or a weapon, the abusive woman’s slaps, bites, kicks and/or pulling of her partner’s hair are nevertheless still very hurtful because, in addition to subjecting physical pain, they attack the man’s dignity and erode his sense of self-worth.

Emotional or Mental Abuse – Emotionally abused men, even if not physically battered or beaten, are having their self-esteem and sense of “manhood” and masculinity destroyed from the inside out. There are no visible scars, wounds or bruises to use as evidence to prove to the police or anyone else that these men are being abused by their wives or girlfriends.

  • A provoking tendency of your partner
  • Continuous threats
  • Deliberately isolating and ignoring the partner’s presence and needs
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Excessive criticism suffered at the hands of your spouse
  • Excessive humiliation
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Miscommunication or refusing to communicate at all
  • Reduced affection and intimacy
  • Sarcastic and taunting comments
  • Unreasonable jealousy


Financially Abuse - is when the domestic abuser uses the money as the means of having control over his or her partner. Abuse is a very effective way for the abuser to exert considerable control over the victim and to prevent the victim from developing any autonomy or freedom from the abuser.

  • Demanding exclusive control over household finances
  • Denying them access to financial resources
  • Exploiting the intimate partner’s resources for personal gain
  • Manipulating or exploiting a person for financial gain
  • Not letting her know about the family income or giving her access to any
  • Rigidly controlling your finances, taking your money
  • Sabotaging your job, making you miss work, calling constantly
  • Spending all the money, gambling all the money away
  • Stealing from you or taking your money, defrauding a partner
  • Withholding basic necessities: food, clothes, medications, shelter
  • Withholding economic resources such as money or credit cards

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