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Jared Benjamin Hihn, We Miss You

Jared Benjamin Hihn, We Miss You

hJared_pictFighting The System – Jared’s Story – “The scars never go away”

“It’s your child. You must fight for him or her. No one cares like a parent cares …a parent is motivated by love.” Jared’s mom, Brenda High
“Brutus” commenced to brutally assault Jared by picking him up and throwing him on the floor and pushing him against the walls…Several times Jared yelled for help calling, “Teacher, Teacher!” But no one was there to help.
Looking back – Looking forward   (10 Steps to Stop Bullying)
“Put yourself into the shoes of a victim of bullying. Every day a child is bullied is an eternity to them. We worry about terrorists coming into our country and doing us harm. A victim of bullying walks into their school each day knowing their terrorist could strike any moment and destroy their wounded spirit again, and again. How long can a child play on the freeway dodging cars before the experience finally becomes too much and they go over the edge?” Brenda High

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