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Domestic Violence, it costs a lot


Violence. The word immediately stabs our imagination with blood, war, terrorism, the sanguine coloured flag of some nation, death, destruction et cetera. And then when we let our thought train move a bit longer, the subtle incidences of violence start cascading over our minds. One by one it comes. Starting with the poor urchin getting beaten up by his heartless ... Read More »

Domestic violence affects us all at work


WE’LL NEVER KNOW how many victims do the best they can at work or anywhere else, even with domestic violence woven through every part of their lives. But what’s clear from national headlines and our local experience is that a batterer’s violence doesn’t always stay home when victims leave the house. Each of us actually has the issue woven through our ... Read More »

Domestic violence experienced by 30% of female population, survey shows


More than 1.1 million or 7% of women and 720,000 or 4% of men have been victims of some kind of domestic abuse in the past year, official crime figures reveal. The full scale of the hidden world of sexual assault, family abuse and stalking is revealed in official figures that show that nearly 5 million women or 30% of the adult ... Read More »

USA – Costs of Domestic Violence – Lives, Expenses, Losses

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A woman comes to the doctor with depression, fatigue and insomnia. A co-worker stays late in the office even when there is not much to do. A sales associate appears tired and distracted. For each of these individuals, domestic violence – physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or psychological abuse against an intimate partner – could be the underlying cause of distress. ... Read More »

Afghan Men Speak Up About Domestic Violence

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Sabur has moved out of his marital home on the outskirts of Mazar-e Sharif. It was the only way to escape the domestic abuse he suffered at the hands of his wife. “We’ve been constantly having arguments, and sometimes my wife loses her cool and gets violent,” Sabur says, pointing to a bruise and cut on his forehead. In an ... Read More »

Domestic violence on the rise in Las Vegas area


Angela pleaded and begged her boyfriend not to kill her as he held a gun to her cheek. It was the third time that evening her boyfriend had snapped. “I remember blacking out after he choked me with an auxiliary cord,” said the 28-year-old, who asked that her last name be withheld. “I woke up and he was shaking me, ... Read More »

Domestic Violence – Types of Domestic Abuse

Domestic Violence – Types of Domestic Abuse Domestic violence also called: battery, partner abuse, spousal abuse can takes many forms. Recognizing abuse can be difficult especially when the abuser insists it isn’t abuse, swears you to secrecy, or threatens to harm you if you tell. So becoming aware of the forms that abuse can take helps you to be better ... Read More »

Other Types of Forms and Tactics of Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence

Other Types of Forms and Tactics of Domestic Abuse and Domestic Violence Breaking Trust Tactics (lying to you) ·         Being jealous ·         Breaking promises and shared agreements ·         Having other relationships ·         Withholding information from you Coercion and ThreatTactics ·         Breaking things or punching walls ·         Destroying your possessions ·         Making angry gestures Making or carrying out threats to do ... Read More »