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USA – Costs of Domestic Violence – Lives, Expenses, Losses

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A woman comes to the doctor with depression, fatigue and insomnia. A co-worker stays late in the office even when there is not much to do. A sales associate appears tired and distracted. For each of these individuals, domestic violence – physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or psychological abuse against an intimate partner – could be the underlying cause of distress. ... Read More »

Afghan Men Speak Up About Domestic Violence

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Sabur has moved out of his marital home on the outskirts of Mazar-e Sharif. It was the only way to escape the domestic abuse he suffered at the hands of his wife. “We’ve been constantly having arguments, and sometimes my wife loses her cool and gets violent,” Sabur says, pointing to a bruise and cut on his forehead. In an ... Read More »

‘Hard to imagine more extreme threats’: North East Twitter users jailed for online abuse of high-profile feminist


Two North East people have been jailed for subjecting a high-profile feminist to online abuse. Isabella Sorley, 23, and John Nimmo, 25, used Twitter to send menacing messages to Caroline Criado-Perez. At Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Sorley, from Akenside House, Akenside Hill, Newcastle, was jailed for 12 weeks while Nimmo, from Moreland Road, South Shields, was jailed for eight weeks. ... Read More »

Study highlights correlation between domestic violence and crime


NASSAU, The Bahamas — Bahamians cannot continue to ‘bury their heads in the sand’ when it comes to reporting domestic violence as the country’s crime problems will not be solved until the problem of domestic violence is solved, Minister of Social Services and Community Development Melanie Griffin said recently. “To put it bluntly, many of the young males paraded before ... Read More »

Domestic Violence in Uzbekistan: Can It Ever Be Stopped?


November 24th is World Day for Combating Violence against Women. On this day, Uzbek-language online social media circulated a sensational article about a young Uzbek woman [pictured above] who was a victim of domestic violence. She tells the story of how she was forced to appeal to the court because her ex-husband failed to pay alimony; when he learned of this, he ... Read More »

Why are so many MEN becoming victims of domestic violence?

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MIchelle Mills was as impeccably groomed as she was well mannered. Her nails were neatly manicured; her blonde hair sleek. Her gentle nature and diminutive, 4 ft 11 in stature seemed perfectly suited to her career as a children’s nursery worker. But Michelle’s pleasant demeanour masked an altogether more disturbing personality. Behind closed doors she was a volatile character, prone to irrational ... Read More »

Past reflections on workplace bullying and worker dignity

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Especially with over 1,000 articles now posted to this blog, periodically I like to go back and bring to readers’ attentions past pieces that raised common themes. Here are five for your consideration, and you can read each full post by clicking on the title. 1. How workplace bullying bears similarities to domestic abuse (2011) When people ask me if workplace ... Read More »

Domestic Violence in Kyrgyzstan, Part I: Married Women (In Their Own Words)

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Asel* was a young woman, perhaps 22 or 23, with three children. The children were staying with her sister when we met in Asel’s hospital room. Asel had heard through the gossip networks of Osh, Kyrgyzstan, that there was a foreign woman in town who was asking about violence in the home. Asel was in the hospital recovering from a ... Read More »

Guyana: Domestic Violence: Women are the key


It would seem that the number of women killed as a result of domestic conflicts is increasing at a rapid rate. This is a trend that has been worrying the authorities for some time but precious little was done. Indeed, pressure on the police pushed them to respond to every report of domestic violence. There was once a time when ... Read More »

Domestic Violence Is More Common Than You Realize


Many people don’ t realize that they’re victims of domestic violence because they don’ t understand the sometimes insidious form that domestic violence takes. While physical abuse is what one initially associates with the term, emotional and financial abuse can also be violent acts. As SmolenPlevy co-founding Principal Alan Plevy explains, “Domestic violence crosses all boundaries—rich, middle class, poor, female ... Read More »