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Domestic Violence Is More Common Than You Realize


Many people don’ t realize that they’re victims of domestic violence because they don’ t understand the sometimes insidious form that domestic violence takes. While physical abuse is what one initially associates with the term, emotional and financial abuse can also be violent acts. As SmolenPlevy co-founding Principal Alan Plevy explains, “Domestic violence crosses all boundaries—rich, middle class, poor, female ... Read More »

The Birth of H.A.L.T. – Humanity Against ‘Local Terrorism’


Once upon a time in a province somewhere in Canada…I always liked this beginning to a story that starts with once upon a time; it leaves the reader with a feeling of creativity and imagination to choose when they want the story to take place.  However to make things easier, my story regarding the meaning behind the creation, and building ... Read More »

Preventing Sports Bullying

Preventing Sports Bullying A lot of children that are being abused during their sporting events are afraid to tell anyone that they are a victim top sports bullying. The worst fear that youngsters have is that they will not be believed. May not think their parents, coach or teacher would believe that their team mates were bullying them They don’t ... Read More »

Who is an Abuser of Parents?

Who is an Abuser of Parents? Both boys and girls are capable of abusing their parents. Although some research findings suggest that adolescent boys are more likely to be physically abusive than girls, aggressive behaviours in girls are increasing. Generally, the older, bigger, and stronger the teenager, the more at risk the parents are of being abused. Abuse typically appears ... Read More »

Preventing Parental Abuse

Preventing Parental Abuse Parent abuse is also known as the silent abuse because many times parents don’t report it. It is natural for teens to go through a separation period where they are trying to become individuals; however, sometimes it turns violent. There are several forms of parent abuse, including verbal, emotional and physical. Keep an eye out that verbal ... Read More »

Preventing Parental Abuse – Warning Signs

Preventing Parental Abuse – Warning Signs Preventing “Teen Violence” (Source: Violent behaviour can be decreased or even prevented if these risk factors are significantly reduced or eliminated: Being the victim of physical abuse and/or sexual abuse Exposure to violence in the home and/or community Exposure to violence in media (TV, movies, etc.) Use of drugs and/or alcohol Presence of ... Read More »