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Child abuse, neglect a leading public health crisis

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Spartanburg County is making great strides in improving health and well-being in the community. We have successful initiatives such as The Road to Better Health with five priority areas (improve access to care, reduce childhood obesity, improve birth outcomes, reduce tobacco use, improve behavioral health access), the Childhood Obesity Taskforce, the S.C. Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy and the Spartanburg ... Read More »

Domestic Violence in Uzbekistan: Can It Ever Be Stopped?


November 24th is World Day for Combating Violence against Women. On this day, Uzbek-language online social media circulated a sensational article about a young Uzbek woman [pictured above] who was a victim of domestic violence. She tells the story of how she was forced to appeal to the court because her ex-husband failed to pay alimony; when he learned of this, he ... Read More »

International child abuse webcam ring smashed after routine police check

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A routine visit to a registered sex offender in Northamptonshire has led to the uncovering of a global child abuse ring. An organised crime group centred in the Philippines arranged for children to be sexually abused live on webcam in exchange for payment. Some of the facilitators were reportedly members of the children’s own families. The network was taken down ... Read More »

Domestic Violence Is More Common Than You Realize


Many people don’ t realize that they’re victims of domestic violence because they don’ t understand the sometimes insidious form that domestic violence takes. While physical abuse is what one initially associates with the term, emotional and financial abuse can also be violent acts. As SmolenPlevy co-founding Principal Alan Plevy explains, “Domestic violence crosses all boundaries—rich, middle class, poor, female ... Read More »

Child Neglect Statistics

Child Neglect Statistics Child neglect statistics reflect that low income increases the likelihood of maltreatment and neglect. Poor people typically spend their energies trying to cope with little available funds, and often, inadequate or sub-standard living accommodations. They tend to cluster in poor neighbourhoods with high need and very limited resources. What resources do I mean? Extended families, neighbours, friends, ... Read More »

Helping an abused or neglected child

Helping an abused or neglected child What should you do if you suspect that a child has been abused? How do you approach him or her? Or what if a child comes to you? It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed and confused in this situation. Child abuse is a difficult subject that can be hard to accept and even ... Read More »

Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect

Consequences of Child Abuse and Neglect All types of child abuse and neglect leave lasting scars. Some of these scars might be physical, but emotional scarring has long lasting effects throughout life, damaging a child’s sense of self, ability to have healthy relationships, and ability to function at home, at work and at school. Some effects include: Core feelings of ... Read More »

Needs of a Neglected Child – Parental Responsibilities

  Needs of a Neglected Child – Parental Responsibilities Understanding the basic human needs is the key to recognizing the signs of child neglect. Children are dependent on adults from the time they are born. The absence of some or all the basic needs determines whether or not neglect exists. When I facilitate in the school system on the subject ... Read More »

Factors for Neglect Child Abuse

Factors for Neglect Child Abuse The ability of a parent to provide adequate care for a child depends partly on his/her emotional maturity, coping skills, knowledge about children, mental capacity, and parenting skills. The exact cause of child neglect is not known. There are many things that may cause someone to neglect a child. Poor, violent, or crowded living conditions ... Read More »

Neglect Child Abuse – Definition

Neglect Child Abuse – Definition Neglect is failure to provide for a child’s or youth’s basic needs: food, clothing, adequate shelter, supervision and medical care. Neglect is the form of abuse most frequently reported where our children are not getting their physical and emotional needs met. Neglect occurs when the child’s basic needs aren’t being met is often chronic, and ... Read More »