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Lawsuit Alleges Sexual Abuse at Mormon Youth Camp


The Roman Catholic Church has deservedly received a great deal of negative media coverage concerning the worldwide sex abuse scandal.  The Church, however, doesn’t have a monopoly of clergy and staff molesting children and youths.  The Southern Baptist Convention (“SBC”) has a huge problem yet disclaims responsibility since it has a lest centralized, feudal hierarchy.   Bob Felton at Civil Commotion frequently ... Read More »

‘Hard to imagine more extreme threats’: North East Twitter users jailed for online abuse of high-profile feminist


Two North East people have been jailed for subjecting a high-profile feminist to online abuse. Isabella Sorley, 23, and John Nimmo, 25, used Twitter to send menacing messages to Caroline Criado-Perez. At Westminster Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Sorley, from Akenside House, Akenside Hill, Newcastle, was jailed for 12 weeks while Nimmo, from Moreland Road, South Shields, was jailed for eight weeks. ... Read More »

Study highlights correlation between domestic violence and crime


NASSAU, The Bahamas — Bahamians cannot continue to ‘bury their heads in the sand’ when it comes to reporting domestic violence as the country’s crime problems will not be solved until the problem of domestic violence is solved, Minister of Social Services and Community Development Melanie Griffin said recently. “To put it bluntly, many of the young males paraded before ... Read More »

Domestic Violence in Uzbekistan: Can It Ever Be Stopped?


November 24th is World Day for Combating Violence against Women. On this day, Uzbek-language online social media circulated a sensational article about a young Uzbek woman [pictured above] who was a victim of domestic violence. She tells the story of how she was forced to appeal to the court because her ex-husband failed to pay alimony; when he learned of this, he ... Read More »

Galliano parents say bullying led to son’s suicide

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GALLIANO, La. — The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office is investigating the death of a Galliano teenager Garyn Strong, 15, who apparently took his own life. His parents, Thad and Maureen Strong, said bullies tormented their son for the past four years. “They took away my buddy, my fishing partner, my hunting partner, my son,” said Thad Strong. “The bullying needs to ... Read More »

Indonesian maid in abuse case ‘beaten in head for at least 6 months’, doctors say

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Brain injuries have left Erwiana Sulistyaningsih unable to walk and struggling to see, her doctor in Indonesia says, adding that it is too early to tell whether the damage is permanent. “Erwiana was beaten on the head for a period of at least six months. She couldn’t have received her injuries any other way,” said Dr Iman Fadhli, who has ... Read More »

Bullying at work is unacceptable

workplace bullying Read More »

Workplace Bullying and the Law

Workplace Bullying and the Law Quebec Legislation Against Psychological Harassment (Source: OnJune 1, 2004,Quebecbecame the first North American jurisdiction to include protection against psychological harassment of employees in its Act respecting Labour Standards. Psychological harassment is defined as: “Any vexatious behaviour in the form of repeated and hostile or unwanted conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures, that affect an ... Read More »

Child Sexual Abuse and the Law

Child Sexual Abuse and the Law Criminal Code of Canada sections relating to Child Sexual Abuse Source: 151. Sexual Interference - Every person who, for a sexual purpose, touches, directly or indirectly, with a part of the body or with an object, any part of the body of a person under the age of fourteen years is guilty of ... Read More »

Domestice Violence – Government and the Law

Domestice Violence – Government and the Law Society contributes to domestic violence by not taking it seriously enough and by treating it as expected, normal, or deserved. Specifically, society perpetuates domestic abuse in the following ways. Police may not treat domestic abuse as a crime, but, rather, as a “domestic dispute” Courts may not award severe consequences, such as imprisonment ... Read More »