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The Birth of H.A.L.T. – Humanity Against ‘Local Terrorism’


Once upon a time in a province somewhere in Canada…I always liked this beginning to a story that starts with once upon a time; it leaves the reader with a feeling of creativity and imagination to choose when they want the story to take place.  However to make things easier, my story regarding the meaning behind the creation, and building ... Read More »

What Is Abuse?

What Is Abuse? No one deserves to be abused. Abuse is a pattern of controlling behaviour and an attempt to control the behaviour of another person(s). It is a misuse of power which uses the bonds of intimacy, trust and dependency to make the victim vulnerable. In families, an abusive person can use many tactics to gain power over another ... Read More »

Wife Abuse – Definition

Wife Abuse – Definition Wife abuse refers to the violence or mistreatment that a woman may experience at the hands of a marital, common-law or same-sex partner.  Wife abuse may happen at any time during a relationship, including while it is breaking down, or after it has ended. Abusive partners may use a number of different tactics to try to ... Read More »

Domestic Violence – Economic Abuse / Financial Abuse

Domestic Violence – Economic Abuse / Financial Abuse Financial Abuse: Abuse is usually a matter of the abuser trying to control you. The abuser will seek to control their victim in any way possible while isolating them from anyone on the outside of the family or household. Economic and financial abuse is when the domestic abuser uses the money as ... Read More »