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Bullying – Definition

Bullying, whether in school, social groupings, at home or in the workplace is one of the most important social issue that is destroying our children (and as adults) that we are facing right now. Every child has the right to go to school and get an education, no matter what size, shape, color, race, disability or financial background they come ... Read More »

Types of Bullying

WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF BULLING? Verbal bullying - name-calling, sarcasm, teasing, spreading rumours, threatening, making negative references to one’s culture, ethnicity, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation, unwanted sexual comments.   Verbal bullying is probably the most used because it’s one of the easiest things to do without getting caught. If you were on a field without any teachers around and you called someone ... Read More »

The Damage that Bullying can do – A Victim’s Story

It is a major concern that bullying is not only happening in schools, at work as well as online more often, but it has become worse over time.  Bullying does not only happen in the places mentioned. It can happen at the mall, on the street, in the neighborhood, in a night club, anywhere. Anyone can be bullied, at any ... Read More »

The Active Bystander

The Active Bystander By Elizabeth Barnes, MSW Author of A family Guidebook on Bullies, Self-Esteem and Hidden Hurts! Most children understand that a bystander is someone who stands by someone else who is being harmed by another. However, children are unclear of the responsibility that a person has when they are a bystander. Children need to be taught that there ... Read More »