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Trans Woman Commits Suicide Amid Fear of Outing by Sports Blog

Trans Woman Commits Suicide Amid Fear of Outing by Sports Blog

Reporter Caleb Hannan thought he’d found an interesting idea for a story when he stumbled across a YouTube video about about a “scientifically superior” golf club called the Oracle, invented by a brilliant MIT-credentialed physicist named Dr. V. He set out to find out more about the woman behind the invention, but was met with a swirl of secrets and inconsistencies. As he peeled back the layers, he uncovered a series of complicated truths: Dr. V did not possess the degrees or credentials she’d claimed. Dr. V is a trans woman. And within months of presenting those findings to her, Dr. V committed suicide.

Grantland’s piece, “Dr. V’s Magical Putter,” can be read here. It isn’t just a story about the mystery and intrigue surrounding a dubiously magical golf putter, it’s a chronological narrative of the author’s attempt to untangle the web Dr. V. — Essay Anne Vanderbilt — constructed around her as she reinvented her life, the difficult confrontation that ensued, and ultimately, her death.
Here’s the short version:
  • reporter seeks out the inventor of an allegedly awesome golf club for sports site
  • inventor is a woman who claims to be a brilliant scientist
  • inventor insists from the beginning that the reporter only report on the science, not the scientist
  • reporter tests product and loves it
  • reporter verifies credentials for fact check
  • discovers the degrees/credentials don’t exist, nor does the person by that name exist prior to the 2000′s
  • reporter eventually determines that that the woman is trans
  • reporter determines the degrees didn’t exist prior under previous name
  • the credentials and science-related experience that support the golf club’s claims are false
  • reporter lays out falsehoods about degrees and backstory to subject (and one investor) and asks for answers
  • Months later, reporter learns Dr. V has committed suicide

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