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Preventing Homophobic Bullying – Schools

Preventing Homophobic Bullying – Schools   All schools have a duty to tackle homophobic bullying (Source: Schools should aim to have an ethos which is inclusive and tolerant of difference. There is no place for anything that might be perceived as condoning homophobic attitudes or behaviour. Teachers must explicitly condemn homophobic bullying and equip themselves to be able to ... Read More »

Preventing Homophobic Bullying

Preventing Homophobic Bullying Start early - Intervene in homophobic harassment and name-calling when you hear it. Prejudice and hate are learned behaviours. Teach respect and an appreciation for differences at an early age before the seeds of intolerance take root Speak out - Confront homophobic bullying, when it is safe to do so, every time you see or hear it. ... Read More »

Consequences of Homophobic Bullying

Consequences of Homophobic Bullying It is not sexual minority youth who are inherently at-risk; rather it is the pervasive societal culture of homophobia and heterosexism that threatens their health, safety, and well-being. The sexual minority youth report more emotional and behavioural difficulties such as: Children who experience it have their education disrupted Higher symptoms of depression and externalizing behaviours It can ... Read More »

Tactics and Behaviours of Bullies

Tactics and Behaviours of Bullies Homophobic bullying may include the following behaviours and actions: •       Malicious name-calling (such as “fag”, “dyke” and “sissy”). •       Obscene and/or sexualized gestures. •       Sexualized teasing, taunting, froshing, or threats. •       Spreading rumours or gossip about a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. •       Unwanted disclosure of someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. •       Physical ... Read More »

Characteristics of a Homophobic Bully

Characteristics of a Homophobic Bully Both sexes can be involved in homophobic name-calling. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that boys are most likely to be victimized by other boys. The bullying, especially if it is physical or verbally aggressive, is often deliberate but sometimes bullies may not realize the harm that they are doing. They may believe that their victim enjoys ... Read More »

Who Experiences Homophobic Bullying

Who Experiences Homophobic Bullying   Homophobic bullying can affect anyone, may occur at any age and may be targeted at individuals: Who self-identify as non-heterosexual Who are perceived to be non-heterosexual Who don’t conform to conventional gender norms or stereotypes Who have same-gender parented families or caregivers Who are parents, coaches, teachers and community members who are non-heterosexual Homophobic bullying ... Read More »

Types of Homophobic Bullying

Types of Homophobic Bullying   The most common types of homophobic bullying are: Verbal bullying – may involve malicious name-calling; spreading rumours or gossiping that someone is gay; making threats; unwanted sexual comments or jokes; suggesting that someone or something is stupid and therefore “gay”.   Social bullying - may include many forms of exclusion, isolation, public humiliation or intimidation. ... Read More »

What is Homophobia

What is Homophobia (Source: Homophobia is the hatred or fear of homosexuals – that is, lesbians and gay men – sometimes leading to acts of violence and expressions of hostility. Homophobia is not confined to any one segment of society, and can be found in people from all walks of life. Organized hate groups have viciously attacked homosexuals and ... Read More »

Homophobic Bullying – Definition

Homophobic Bullying – Definition No one deserves to be bullied. Bullying should never be accepted as normal behaviour. When children and youth do not feel safe they may find it harder to learn. The responsibility to protect our children and youth from bullying and abuse lie on the shoulders of their parents, families, friends, schools and communities. Homophobic bullying [Lesbian, ... Read More »

Workplace Bullying and the Law

Workplace Bullying and the Law Quebec Legislation Against Psychological Harassment (Source: OnJune 1, 2004,Quebecbecame the first North American jurisdiction to include protection against psychological harassment of employees in its Act respecting Labour Standards. Psychological harassment is defined as: “Any vexatious behaviour in the form of repeated and hostile or unwanted conduct, verbal comments, actions or gestures, that affect an ... Read More »