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Cyberbullying and the Law

Cyberbullying and the Law Some forms of online bullying are considered criminal acts. Under the Criminal Code of Canada it is a crime to: Communicate repeatedly with someone if the communication causes them to fear for their own safety or the safety of others. Write something that is designed to insult a person or likely to injure a person’s reputation ... Read More »

A Checklist for Cyber-communications

A Checklist for Cyber-communications Before sending that e-mail or posting on that Web site or bulletin board, think before you click “send.” Re-read what you were going to send. If it meets any of these factors, don’t send it until you fix them. And if you can’t fix them, maybe you shouldn’t send it at all. It’s so easy for ... Read More »

Preventing Cyberbullying

Preventing Cyberbullying Most parents don’t know the first thing about how to set up a system to monitor all their child’s online activities and cell phone exchanges.   In fact, most parents do absolutely nothing when it comes to monitoring their child’s activities and communications. Many think that just installing a computer program is all it takes to ensure their kids ... Read More »

Parents Responsibility

Parents Responsibility (Source: “Cyber Bullying Is The Latest, Greatest Threat To Our Kids.” Computers, cell phones, and the internet are becoming very important aspects of our kids’ lives. It opens up a whole new world of communication and learning tools for them, but how do we make sure that they’re safe? All this new technology has given bullies even ... Read More »

Why do kids cyberbully each other

Why do kids cyberbully each other (Source: Bullying has been around forever but cyberbullying is different because it lets a bully remain anonymous. It is easier to bully in cyberspace than it is to bully face to face. With cyberbullying a bully can pick on people with much less risk of being caught. Bullies are natural instigators and in ... Read More »

Effects of Cyberbullying

Effects of Cyberbullying Feel like the harassment is inescapable because it can be accessed from wherever technology is located. Feel like they’re “walking on eggshells” if they don’t know who the bully is. Feel powerless, frustrated, betrayed, afraid, excluded and exposed. Few youth tell their parents that they have been cyberbullied out of shame and fear of losing access to ... Read More »

Signs of Cyberbullying

Signs of Cyberbullying Many kids and teens who are cyberbullied are reluctant to tell a teacher or parent, often because they feel ashamed of the social stigma, or because they fear their computer privileges will be taken away at home. The signs that a child is being cyberbullied vary, but a few things to look for are: Avoidance of school ... Read More »

What are the forms and tactics of Cyberbullying

What are the forms and tactics of Cyberbullying Those who are bullied often ask themselves “What have I done to deserve this?” and the usual answer is that they have not done anything to deserve such awful messages. The exact approach to cyber bullying will vary and there are several ways that people bully others online. They go after their ... Read More »

Cyberbullying – Definition

Cyberbullying – Definition The Internet has created a new world for people to meet, connect and exchange information; unfortunately, it has also created another opportunity for bullying. The convenience of modern technology enables people who are bullying to hide behind anonymity. Cyberbullying (electronic bullying, online bullying, or cyber harassment) is defined as a form of bullying which is carried out ... Read More »

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety Introduction While on-line computer exploration opens a world of possibilities for children, expanding their horizons and exposing them to different cultures and ways of life, they can be exposed to dangers as they hit the road exploring the information highway. There are individuals who attempt to sexually exploit children through the use of on-line ... Read More »