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Emotional Wife Abuse

Emotional Wife Abuse Not all abusive relationships involve violence. Emotional abuse is as damaging as physical abuse, though it is often harder to recognize, and therefore harder to recover from. Since emotional abuse is often minimized or overlooked even by the person being abused this invisible attack is often disregarded and ignored. Just because you’re not battered and bruised doesn’t ... Read More »

Sexual Wife Abuse

Sexual Wife Abuse Sexual assault and abuse is any sort of non-consensual sexual activity that you do not agree to. Sexual abuse can happen to any man or woman of any age that includes any form of sexual activity without the person’s consent. Sexual assault can be verbal, visual, or anything that forces a person to join in unwanted sexual ... Read More »

Psychological Wife Abuse

Psychological Wife Abuse Psychological abuse can be the most hurtful form of abuse is a very common and insidious practice that is the prevalent cause of spousal separation. It’s harder to recognize, so many people discount the enormous effect it has on the victim. Psychological abuse occurs when a person uses words or actions to make another person think less ... Read More »

Physical Wife Abuse

Physical Wife Abuse Physical abuse is the most visible form of abuse. Physical abuse is the use of physical force against another person in a way that ends up injuring the person or endangers that person; in addition it is the non-accidental use of physical force to coerce or to inflict bodily harm. It often causes physical discomfort, pain or ... Read More »

Types of Wife Abuse

Types of Wife Abuse Domestic violence, also called: Battery, Partner abuse, Spousal abuse, takes many forms. Recognizing abuse can be difficult especially when the abuser insists it isn’t abuse, swears you to secrecy, or threatens to harm you if you tell. So becoming aware of the forms that abuse can take helps you to be better prepared to recognize such ... Read More »

Wife Abuse – Definition

Wife Abuse – Definition Wife abuse refers to the violence or mistreatment that a woman may experience at the hands of a marital, common-law or same-sex partner.  Wife abuse may happen at any time during a relationship, including while it is breaking down, or after it has ended. Abusive partners may use a number of different tactics to try to ... Read More »