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Preventing Husband Abuse

Preventing Husband Abuse Men abused by women need help, support and encouragement from friends, family and society, to give husbands and abused men the strength and courage needed to get away from their abusers once and for all. Remaining silent and not seeking outside intervention rarely stops the abuse but instead finds the emotional and mental abuse often escalates in severity ... Read More »

Dealing with an Abusive Wife

Dealing with an Abusive Wife Behaviours of an abused husband You don’t feel you can freely express yourself with your partner. Your partner insinuated self-harm if you end the relationship. Your partner monitors your communication activities for example your emails and text messages Your partner prevents you from going out on your own and might claim that this is for ... Read More »

Characteristics and Tactics of a Husband Abuser

Characteristics and Tactics of a Husband Abuser   A woman uses her moods, rage, and impulses to control the people around her and she is not satisfied until they have noticed her. Apart from the monetary and property gains, domestic violence is so easy to fabricate and hard to refute that these women crave the sadistic pleasure that comes from ... Read More »

Types of Husband Abuse

Types of Husband Abuse Verbally Abuse – can create just as much damage as physical abuse. Even if it does not take the form of yelling, verbal abuse can occur when a partner mutters spiteful or uncharitable comments to his partner. This form of abuse is intended to decrease a man’s sense of self-worth. Physical Abuse – is a common ... Read More »

Husband Abuse – Definition

Husband Abuse – Definition The ultimate goal of any abuser is to assert their power and maintain control over their partner. Unfortunately, very little attention has been paid to the issue of domestic abuse and violence against men. The idea that men could be victims of domestic abuse and violence is so unthinkable that many men will not even attempt ... Read More »