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When it comes to workplace bullying, employees have limited options


Greater awareness helps in coping with the problem — but some companies ignore it The thing about work place bullying is, it’s been there all along. What’s different today is that it is wrong, and we know it. At a time when solutions to bullying among school-aged students is being heavily discussed on a national scale, some say the name-calling, ... Read More »

Workplace Bullying For Bosses


In a major national survey, 35 percent of American adults reported that they have experienced bullying behaviors at work and another 15 percent said they have witnessed others being bullied (Workplace Bullying Institute, 2010). Workplace bullying can have serious repercussions for employees and the organization alike. Severely bullied workers may suffer a variety of health consequences, including depression and anxiety ... Read More »

Past reflections on workplace bullying and worker dignity

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Especially with over 1,000 articles now posted to this blog, periodically I like to go back and bring to readers’ attentions past pieces that raised common themes. Here are five for your consideration, and you can read each full post by clicking on the title. 1. How workplace bullying bears similarities to domestic abuse (2011) When people ask me if workplace ... Read More »

Bullying at Work: Workplace Mobbing is on the Rise

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Mobbing is “bullying on steroids,” a horrifying new trend whereby a bully enlists co-workers to collude in a relentless campaign of psychological terror against a hapless target. Targets are usually anyone who is “different” from the organizational norm. Usually victims are competent, educated, resilient, outspoken, challenge the status quo, are more empathic or attractive and tend to be women, aged ... Read More »

Bullying at work is unacceptable

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Workplace bullying is legal, but here are 4 ways you can stop it

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Workplace bullying has become more important to employers as it has become more visible. Depending on the study, it is estimated that between 35 percent and 50 percent of the workforce has been subjected to some form of bullying. But how is bullying defined? The literature that exists (and it is relatively recent literature at that) defines workplace bullying as ... Read More »

Workplace Bullying: pervasive and often ignored

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We all remember the bullies we encountered in school – verbally, and sometimes physically, intimidating, mean spirited, sarcastic, and cruel. We sigh with relief that those days are behind us. But are they? It might depend on where you work and for whom and with whom you work.. Unfortunately, workplace bullying is pervasive and not yet adequately addressed. There are ... Read More »

Bullying at work: Hard to define, even harder to ban

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FORTUNE — In 2013, Congress had one of its least productive years ever, with the number of bills passed reaching historic lows. In part, states and local legislatures have made up for the slack on the national level. This was particularly the case on issues related to the workplace. State and local governments across the U.S. passed bills on the following ... Read More »

Bullying can impact the work place Read More »

Bullying at work on the rise, says lawyer support charity Read More »