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Scotland urges women to speak up against domestic violence


PANAJI: British Barrister Baroness Patricia Scotland has made history several times over during her law career, specializing in family and children’s law. In 1991, she was the first black woman to be appointed as the Queen’s Counsel. In 2007, she became the first ever woman to be appointed attorney general for England since the position’s inception in 1315. On Saturday, when the baroness delivered ... Read More »

Stopping bullying: Listen, focus and work with your kids


It’s inspiring to see how local youth, like the Opstad students described on page 2, are taking a stand against bullying, and more importantly, showing others how to react and stop it. Parents, other children and local educators should take note of what these kids are doing. At the same time, we should all educate ourselves about how to stop ... Read More »

The war on bullying


When one first considers the term bully, iconic characters such as Biff Tannen from Back to the Future, or Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story may first come to mind. As funny as these bully stereotypes may seem, the reality is that bullies really do exist and really do harm people, be it emotionally or physically. One of the areas ... Read More »

Bullying rates ‘alarming’


Half of women lawyers and one in three men who took part in a study by the Law Council of Australia (LCA) reported they had been bullied or intimidated in the workplace. Initial findings of the national study were unveiled at the Retaining and Advancing Women in Professional Services conference in Sydney last Friday (31 January). Emma Hlubucek, senior policy lawyer at ... Read More »

Alberta Government Considers Strategies to Address Bullying—Is Legislation the Answer?


On January 30, 2014, the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association (RMCLA) hosted a panel discussion on anti-bullying legislation in Alberta. The panel members were Sandra Jansen, Calgary-North West MLA, and Associate Minister of Family and Community Safety; Peter Brown, current Mayor of Airdrie; and Derek From, a constitutional lawyer from the Canadian Constitution Foundation. Sandra Jansen spoke about the cross-ministerial initiative to ... Read More »

5 Ways to Tell You’re a Workplace Bully & How to Stop Right Now


In the few short weeks since the beginning of January, here are just two of the headlines that have appeared in respected business publications: “Is Your Boss a Psychopath?” and “A Survivor’s Guide to Bullies, Backstabbers and Bastards.” Words like “toxic, destructive, revenge, screaming, crying, and storming” fill the paragraphs. Books on the subject include “Snakes in Suits” and “Sociopaths ... Read More »

Bullying: A Proactive Approach for Parents


The face of teen bullying has really changed over the years. It’s not restricted to the old image of a bully in the cafeteria or on the bus that calls you names to your face or picks a physical fight with you. It can be a group ignoring your child, avoiding them or acting like they are invisible. With social ... Read More »

Scotland’s assisted suicide bill is an offence to our human dignity


Margo MacDonald’s campaign to establish a culture of death in Scotlandis growing increasingly bizarre and more chilling. She appears hellbent on becoming Scotland’s very own Angel of Death. MacDonald, a once formidable politician, who has borne her own Parkinson’s disease these last few years with courage and dignity, now risks contaminating her superb record of public service with this bizarre and alarming ... Read More »

Ways to Teach Children About Bullying

types of bullying

Bullying is an epidemic. No matter how well you raise your kids or where you live, there are cliques in every school and—depending on where they fit into the school hierarchy—your child can become the victim of bullying. People have a natural tendency to crave power, and when grouped up they can do some very mean things. It’s not always ... Read More »

If I Can’t Accept You at Your Worst, Then Maybe You Should Stop Being So Horrible


I remember the first time I was awarded the “game ball” in my Little League. I don’t recall the details exactly, but I’m pretty sure my stat sheet looked something like this: Zero RBIs, zero home runs, zero hits, zero stolen bases, zero plays made on the field, seven errors, four innings spent sitting on the bench. Most of my ... Read More »