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Workplace bullying, hard to ban?


CNN - Workplace bullies can cost companies a lot of money and it takes both a physical and an emotional toll on those affected — but there haven’t been many updates to workplace laws when it comes to bullying. More than 35% of employees feel they’ve been bullied at work, that’s according to a study from Careerbuilder in 2012. But ... Read More »

Bullying in the Workplace Is Common and Serious

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Workplace bullying recently became news because Miami Dolphin’s lineman, Jonathan Martin, was allegedely bullied by fellow teammates. But Martin’s experience is not an isolated case. The article, “Workplace bullying more common than most think,” by Kristen V. Brown  cites data from the Workplace Bullying Institute that in 2010 35% of U.S. workers reported being bullied at work. The article provides the National Institute ... Read More »