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Effects of bullying may add up in kids


The negative physical and mental effects tied to bullying among children and teens may accumulate throughout the years, according to a new study. Researchers found that teens who had been bullied in the past and those currently being bullied tended to have a lower quality of life, compared to those who were bullied less or not at all. This finding ... Read More »

Bullying – The Second Original Sin

Support your local bullies

No one deserves to be bullied. A power imbalance is found at the heart of the bullying dynamic. Children and youth who are marginalized in our society may be at high risk for victimization, which can lead to involvement in bullying. Adults responsible for children and youth need to be aware of these power imbalances so they can work to ... Read More »

The Birth of H.A.L.T. – Humanity Against ‘Local Terrorism’


Once upon a time in a province somewhere in Canada…I always liked this beginning to a story that starts with once upon a time; it leaves the reader with a feeling of creativity and imagination to choose when they want the story to take place.  However to make things easier, my story regarding the meaning behind the creation, and building ... Read More »

Love is More Than Flowers and Chocolates (by John Perry)


After an exhausting courtship of just over a month and a half I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate.  Yes, just a month and a half from the first moment we met to the exchanging of our vows, in my house with our friends and family, exactly twenty minutes into the New Year.  Some may call it my ... Read More »

The Best Ways to Respond to Adult CyberBullying


Bullies often suffer from low self-esteem and they want to feel better about themselves by hurting others. You must be aware that you do not need to make a mistake online to end up being the target of cyberbullying.  In addition, try not to take any of their comments personally. • Block the bully’s social media profile or account • ... Read More »

Teen Dating Violence – Are your kids safe?

Dating Violence

Are your teenagers safe from dating their boyfriends and/or girlfriends? You should share this article with every contact you have, they will need this information! I am in the position in my life to see my two children coming of age, the age of starting to notice girls in a different way.  And thus we move into the area ... Read More »

What can a bystander do when they see a person being bullied The Active Bystander – By Elizabeth Barnes, MSW Most children understand that a bystander is someone who stands by someone else who is being harmed by another. However, children are unclear of the responsibility that a person has when they are a bystander. Children need to be taught that there are two types of bystanders: a silent bystander and ... Read More »

What is Homophobia – homophobic bullying

Homophobic bullying in schools can and does kill By The Calgary Herald, January 30, 2008 Walk past any schoolyard at recess time and what do you hear? Kids as young as five calling each other “gay” and “fag.” At the junior and senior high school level, the word “gay” has become a universally pejorative term: “You’re gay,” kids sneer at ... Read More »

Consequences of Workplace Bullying

workplace help me

How can bullying affect the workplace? Workplace bullying may cause extensive health problems for employees exposed to this hazard, including physical and psychological illnesses and injuries. It can impact on co-workers, clients, customers, business associates, family and friends. Bullying affects the overall “health” of an organization. The costs to the organizations include reduced efficiency, unsafe work environment, increased absenteeism, ... Read More »

Preventing Cyberbullying


Most parents don’t know the first thing about how to set up a system to monitor all their child’s online activities and cell phone exchanges.   In fact, most parents do absolutely nothing when it comes to monitoring their child’s activities and communications. Many think that just installing a computer program is all it takes to ensure their kids are safe ... Read More »