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About H.A.L.T

HALT , a ‘not-for-profit’ organization,  was created in order to help people in finding a solution to stop the ‘local terrorism’ or bullying, abuse and domestic violence within our communities. We designed this website to encourage, aid and support education, prevention and services for the bullied and abused victims throughout each of our communities. We cannot be silent anymore; we have to stand up and say HALT to all forms of bullying, abuse and domestic violence. Together, we can create a voice loud enough to HALT these senseless acts of violence against our children, families and friends. We are the solution, we have the answer, and together we have the power to say HALT.

Our Name

Humanity Against Local Terrorism – H.A.L.T

We chose to use the words “local terrorism” in our company name since the definition of terrorism is both bullying and abuse:
  1. The unlawful use or threat of violence,
  2. A person or persons using violent and/or intimidating behavior against another to achieve ones goals,
  3. A person who inspires fear or dread, and
  4. The act of violence to create an emotional response through the suffering of the victim(s) to further the abuser’s / bullies goal of control and terror.
A terrorist is not just a person in a far off country; it is the parent that beats (abuses) their children or their mate; or the bully that destroys the life of a fellow student and their family. We must realize that the true enemy, or terrorist, could be living with us in our house, next door or just down the street. We Have to make a stand and work together and put a stop to the threat of BULLYING (child, cyber, workplace, homophobic, sports, cultural), ABUSE (child, wife, husband, elderly, parental) and DOMESTIC VIOLENCE within each of our communities.  We must get together and be Proactive and help stop this ‘local terrorism’ not just be Reactive after a problem arises.
Humanity Against Local Terrorism – HALT  is committed to preventing bullying (child, cyber, workplace, homophobic, sports, cultural), abuse (child, wife, husband, elderly, parental) and domestic violence. We constantly strive towards a solution to reduce violence, supporting the community and strengthening individuals and families through education, intervention and setting the standard for others to follow. We will offer resources and solutions to help individuals to stand-up for themselves and hopefully stop HALT the bullying (child, cyber, workplace, homophobic, sports, cultural), abuse (child, wife, husband, elderly, parental) and domestic violence. We will stand up for people that do not have the support or knowledge to help, stand up or stop this violence (terrorism) against then and our community, thus promoting a safe and healthy environment.

Our Mission

We believe that our mission is best achieved by ensuring a person’s right to achieve to his or her full potential and to prevent bullying, abuse and neglect before it happens. We advocate for public policies that diminish or eliminate risk factors while promoting protective factors. We suggest a continuum of services, access to those services and adequate service capacity to meet the development needs of children and families.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make a difference within our community that is free of bullying (child, cyber, workplace, homophobic, sports, cultural), abuse (child, wife, husband, elderly, parental) anddomestic violence.

Our Values

The most effective response to bullying, abuse and domestic violence focuses on education, prevention and support. The reduction of violence is the shared responsibility of services, policy makers and individual in their families and communities.
As service providers, we have the responsibility to work collaboratively to ensure accountable, equitable and comprehensive services.
  • We instill a feeling of self-worth and values in a spirit of compassion
  • We respect the right of all people as well as all individuals
  • We focus on the best interests of each individual child or parent
  • We treat all people with respect
  • We maintain integrity by operating honestly and ethically in everything we do
  • We always believe that we can make a difference
  • We offer hope to the children, teens and families we serve.


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